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Cranium Creations is a full-service social media company based in Dubai. We are a strategy and creative leader in Social Media marketing. We provide a full range of services from social media market space research and campaign planning to creative execution, daily management, and campaign evaluation to help meet your commercial objectives.

Your Social Media Company in Dubai

Cranium Creations is an all inclusive Social Media company in Dubai. We’ll handle everything from planning marketing strategies, creating campaigns, and activating daily to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

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of companies surveyed are using or planning to use social media

Why Invest on Social Media Marketing?

From being a mere online social fad to a commercial must-have, this is what Social Media has become in such a short span of time since it exploded online. It has proven its worth as one of the (if not the most) effective and cost-efficient sales and marketing tool that has emerged during our time. It has propelled small brands to superstardom and global brands to an even higher business atmosphere. It has contributed terminologies in the contemporary vocabulary. It has even gathered millions of people and launched revolutions that shaped societies and cultures.

Social Media is the singular complex space that is most relevant to brands and businesses today. It is the only avenue where we can virtually find everybody, making it a beautiful mess of brands and businesses which aim to engage their customers and at the same time be heard by the right target people, at the right time.

Some of the advantages of Social Media marketing are

The relatively cheaper financial investment on Social Media versus traditional marketing expense for tv, radio, and print advertising, and OOH

Flexibility on campaign execution and activation

Virality, and real time customer engagement

Real time campaign evaluation

Reduced cost and physical man labor compared to doing on-ground events and guerrilla marketing

Social Media Marketing is a must

Having a strong presence on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linked In is a must in order to reach out and stay connected to your target market. Imagine Social Media as your online highway billboard, only that it is more engaging and responsive!

Cranium Creations Makes a Difference! For us, it’s all about brand knowledge, strategy, and creativity. We make sure that we understand what you want to achieve so we can innovate our campaigns. We just don’t post pictures and statuses, we tell stories… stories that resonate to your audience so in return, they engage and we can participate then in relevant conversations that will ultimately impact your brand’s success and your commercial investment.

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Our Services Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr
Market Research

Competition monitoring and their social media activities and social media platforms used

Audience Analysis

Researching on your demographics and learning about your target audience


Building strong social media campaigns that guarantee a deliverable business revenue


Analysing the current social media presence of your brand and listening to all the conversations about it


Make a conversation with your audience and engage them with your brand and increase your brand awareness


Evaluate the impact of implemented social media campaigns on your brand.

As your Social Media company in Dubai, Cranium Creations will learn all that there is to know about your brand so we can give it the space and voice it needs to be heard amidst a sea of cluttered Social Media Marketing in this side of the planet.

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Why from Dubai?

Choosing a social media company in Dubai will provide many benefits over a large international marketing company. As a Dubai based company, we understand Dubai and are in tune with events and the Dubai way of life. It's important to be at the center of your market!

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Timing is everything

We at Cranium Creations realize the importance of seizing the moment. Whether it's a customer comment or a major event, we'll always have something to say. We make sure everything we post is in a timely manner and best represents your company.

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