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Cranium Creations was built from the ground up as a creative and cost effect web design and development company. Providing all sorts of services from web design and development to online marketing, Cranium Creations has it all.

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About Cranium

Our story goes like this

Cranium Creations has been leaving its mark on the UAE since 2012. In the short period of time that we have been operating many of our projects have reached national attention. The accelerated pace of ourgrowth can only be explained by our great management, excellent service and a real appreciation of our work by our clients.

Why We Do ? What We Do ?

Cranium Creations is a product of passion. After graduating from the prestigious University of California San Diego (UCSD) the founders Mo Mirza and Christopher Louie had a vision of a company that made products that matter.

When they arrived to Dubai UAE the landscape of web design and development was bare. Innovative designs and creative coding techniques were not used effectively. Dubai is where they believe they could leave their mark and have the biggest impact.     


The future is ours!

Cranium Creations has had tremendous growth and is constantly looking to expand its network both in the GCC and internationally. We are currently in the process of establishing international branches.


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