Web Hosting in Dubai

Every website needs to be hosted on a server.  If you’re planning to run a website, choosing hosting is definitely something you need consider.  There are many hosting companies out there, but Cranium Creations will point you in the right direction when choosing web hosting in Dubai.  The important factors to consider when choosing hosting are speed, reliability, customer service, and cost.


Speed is an important factor when it comes to hosting your website.  You want your website to load as fast as possible in order to better the user experience.  There are several factors at  play when it comes to having a fast website which includes location and the website itself.  In regards to location, the closer the server is to your target audience (in this case Dubai) the better.  There are some hosts like Etisalat or Du that offer web hosting in Dubai, but we found their control panels to be lacking and not suitable for custom or large applications.  We’ve found hosting in Europe to be a good option considering it has good Internet infrastructure and its relative distance compared to other hosting locations.  There are many things that can be done to your website to increase its speed such as getting a Content Distribution Network, but it’s best to talk to specialists in regards to what can be done to your website to increase its speed since it can get very technical.


Reliability determines how long your website stays online without interruption.  Usually when you are looking for web hosting in Dubai, many hosting companies will talk about up time and guarantee some percentage.  You can’t really determine much about the reliability of a hosting company without reading reviews and trying it out for yourself.  If you go with an well established and reputable company, though, the chances are their reliability is good enough in most cases.  Also, another thing to consider is what kind of backup services the hosting companies provide as that can be important in worst case scenarios where you must get your website running from a backup.

Customer Service

Although customer service is not contacted often, it’s important that the hosting company you choose has good customer service.  Think of it as a safety net where if and when something goes wrong, they provide prompt and accurate service to get your website back online quickly.  Also, you may want to make sure they have qualified individuals who know what they’re doing so that they can help with technical issues if you have any.


We’ve found that cost should be the last consideration to make.  Most web hosting companies charge around the same rates for similar services in order to stay competitive.  Depending on the infrastructure of your website, you may require more than one server for redundancy, but that’s something that’s better left for you to sort out with your technical team.


Choosing web hosting in Dubai can be a tough choice.  If you consider all the factors we’ve discussed above then choosing web hosting in Dubai should make life a little bit easier for you.

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